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Used product: DRP009
"Beautifully Dark"
"One white rose (birth), Small red roses (love), Clocks (minutes life passes), Keys (unlocking doors/chapters in life), Stained lace (mistakes made), Black roses and foliage (sadness and death always looms)"
Used product: DRP041
"Sometimes simplicity with bells and a cinnamon stick is all it takes when you have a beautiful printable!"
 Used product: DRP042
“Meet Nippy the Gnome, as I like to call him. 
Walking up the snow dusted pathway on a "nippy" day, he's a cute little guy...”
Jennifer Crawford - Indiana, US
Used product: R1669
Used product: KSTDQ17
Used product: R0014
Used product:  ST0048
Ontario, Canada
Used product: R0955
Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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